Craweling insects

Below you will found a list of the crewling insects that we cover as part of our service. If there is any other incest no on this list please feel free to contact us.

If you need a discretion service we can attend in none branded vans or car just let us know.

Our technicians will always call you when they are on route to your premises, so that you are ready for the appointment.

Crewling Pest Services

We can get rid of any kind of ants in your home and it normally only takes one treatment.
The false widow spider and woodlouse spiders have become more common.
Bed Bugs
Find that your being bitten in the night in bed think its bedbugs
Are one of the hardest things to control if you leave it to late.
The Flea can live on animals in carpet and itches alot when bitting humans.

We Take Pride In Our Services

We provide our customers with perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients, we approach every job with our trademark quick response and attention to detail.

Vapo Pest Control has grown to become the leading supplier of pest control services in the South-East and surrounding areas. Whether your problem is in residential or commercial premises, Vapo Pest Control is capable of providing the quickest response and the best value for money pest removal service throughout the country.

All NHS Heroes and Key Workers in London now only pay the inspection cost for standard pest treatments

NHS ID and other ID work ID must be shown at time of visit.

Vapo Pest Control takes pride in providing the highest standard of pest control in the UK. We are a well-established company, and our friendly, professional approach to pest control has helped establish our reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

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